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Loudmouth Golf Apparel

Alan Hammond Comments(2) 7/2/10

The only golf apparel brand that can be called both retro and modern, gawdy and chic, stylish and styleless, LoudMouth Golf is a breath of fresh air.

Site unseen, mention to a potential customer two of the most visible celebrities wearing LoudMouth Golf apparel, John Daly and Alice Cooper, and the potential customer may quickly lose that label. Neither the Shock Rocker nor the Shock Golfer (though Daly has gotten a bit of an unfair shake) conjure visions of the essence of style.

Feel the Breeze

Lets face it, most golfers will never want to get their hands on a pair of their Shagadelic Green pants and matching Black Oakmont Fancy shirt. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for what amounts to the much needed apparel revitalization LoudMouth has delivered to the golf industry.

Not since the days of Caddy Shack, Bushwood Country Club (and there has been a LoudMouth pant design called The Bushwood), Sans-a-belt slacks, and Johnny Miller has golf clothing been more distinctive.


The clothing line seems to fit perfectly within the contemporary Gen-Y mantra of individualism and uniqueness, but those qualities can’t be hijacked by one age group. People of all ages can lay claim to the same things. But, shoving LoudMouth apparel into the modern, contemporary basket may be a grave error. The brain trust behind the company, Scott Woodworth, Larry Jackson, David Suzuki and Alan Wallace, all grew up in the heyday of Johnny Miller. They were raised on Sans-a-Belt, and that era of clothing was the initial inspiration for LoudMouth Golf’s designs.

The company founders can’t be dismissed as jokers who got lucky with apparel outrageousness. They came from experience in graphic design, sales, marketing, telecommunications, venture capital and sports apparel. Putting all that history and experience together gave birth to arguably the most recognizable brand in the golf industry, not just golf clothing, but the entire industry.

Beyond the Design

There’s much more to LoudMouth Golf than their unique designs. Quality, performance, comfort and durability must be central to any clothing line or it won’t remain popular with golfers for long.

LoudMouth’s print and striped pants are a blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, which they call “summer poplin.” They’ve proven supremely comfortable in spring-like and summer playing conditions. Their plaid and patchwork pants are made from 100% cotton.

LoudMouth Golf shirts conform to the latest rage in sports clothing, tech and performance. Most shirts have an athletic fit, which is important to know for sizing purposes, and are made from hi-tech moisture control blend of 54% cotton and 46% polyester.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendation with regard to machine washing will help keep the clothing looking fresh. After several washes over a three week period the clothes showed little fading or wear.

A Matter of Taste

Quality being assured, for the wearer, it comes down to finding a pattern/design that fits the eye. Bright or pastel, paisley design or disco ball, black background or white; those are just a few of the potential choices golfers will have to make. The pants effectively make the choice in shirts much easier, which is why there are fewer shirts from which to choose. With such “active” patterns on the pants, solid-colored shirts are often the only answer.

Traditionalists will never come to grips with LoudMouth’s designs, just like some other people will never feel comfortable wearing Under Armour or Nike Golf clothing. There is however, plenty of room for stylish clothing that makes the statement a wearer wants to have heard. LoudMouth has given those golfers a way to make that statement, yet remain tasteful in doing it.

The only real problem with LoudMouth Golf is their selection is mostly limited to men’s clothing. Women have skort designs from which they can chose, and limited pant designs, but there’s much more room for growth. It’s almost a given that LoudMouth is working to remedy that problem.

LoudMouth Golf clothing can be found online and at virtually every recognizable golf retailer.

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im a 44 waist and i cant find them that big help

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