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February 10, 2011

L1 Technologies, parent company of the iGolf brand, announces the release of iGolf Mobile for Windows Phone 7. The application is a free download and includes professionally mapped GPS data and course listings for more than 34,000 golf courses worldwide. iGolf Mobile allows golfers to improve their scores by instantly finding accurate distances to key points on every hole for detailed shot planning and club selection. iGolf Mobile is currently available on iPhone, Android, Palm, Blackberry, and now Windows Phone 7 platforms.

Free Membership Features

iGolf Mobile includes precise distance to the Front, Center, Back of the green and custom points (bunkers, water, hazards) on each mapped hole. Golfers can also use the app to measure shot distance, keep score for up to four players and track handicap/statistics.

Access to the latest golf news and exclusive opinion articles, as well as independent course, equipment and travel destination reviews are available within iGolf Mobile. An interactive map of the first hole on every course, showing the distance to any point on the hole, is also included for free as a premium membership preview.

"We are excited to be one of the first golf GPS applications in the Windows Phone 7 market," said Gary Symington, General Manager of the iGolf Division. "iGolf Mobile is a powerful, free application that makes the latest golf GPS technology available to any golfer with the Windows Phone 7 operating system."

Premium Membership Features

Golfers who upgrade to a Premium iGolf Mobile Membership can access interactive hole maps with multi-level zoom for detailed shot planning on available courses. Premium maps provide distance to any point on the hole, allowing golfers to measure the exact distance to pin locations, hazards, lay up points and any other targets on the course. Premium Membership is available on a monthly ($5.00) or annual ($50.00) basis.


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