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March 17, 2011

The iGolf division of L1 Technologies is proud to announce that iGolf Mobile has been selected by About.com readers as the best Golf GPS application available for smartphones. An overwhelming majority of About.com readers chose iGolf Mobile over other golf GPS applications such as Golfshot, ViewTi Golf, and Golf Logix.

"Being selected by the About.com readers means everything," said Gary Symington, General Manager of the iGolf Division. "The readers use our application on a daily basis and their opinions matter most. We work everyday to improve the features and function of our application and it is rewarding to see the hard work pay off."

iGolf Mobile has recently undergone a major feature enhancement with the introduction of iGolf Swing Analysis™. Already providing precise distances to the Front, Center, Back of the green and multiple points on each hole, Swing Analysis enables users to upload swing videos from their smartphone to iGolf.com for enhanced viewing and detailed analysis. iGolf Swing Analysis provides a platform for friends, family, and golfing groups to critique each other and share ideas regarding their swings, as well as watch side-by-side comparisons, view frame-by-frame swing path and compare their captured swings against professional golfers and celebrities.

Access to the latest golf news and exclusive opinion articles, as well as independent course, equipment and travel destination reviews are available within iGolf Mobile. Our premium membership offers additional features, including interactive hole maps with multi-level zoom for detailed shot planning. Maps provide the distance to any point on the hole allowing golfers to obtain precise yardage to lay up points, hazards or any other desired targets. Premium membership is available on a monthly ($5.00) or annual ($50.00) basis.


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